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Active Ingredient: Tinidazole

Manufacturer: Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Disease(s): Infection Of The Intestines Or Vagina / Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Tinidazole is used for treating certain parasitic and bacterial infections.

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What is Tinidazole?

This medication has a pronounced antibacterial effect, it is used to treat a number of diseases. The drug Tinidazole helps to cope with some types of simple microorganisms, fungi and bacteria. It belongs to the category of inexpensive, but potent drugs for children, adults.

This medication relates to antiprotozoal agents with antibacterial properties. Tinidazole tablets damage the DNA of pathogens, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The high effectiveness of the drug is fixed against giardia and the following pathogens:

  • Lamblia intestinalis;
  • Bacteroides spp;
  • Trichomonas vaginalis;
  • Peptostreptococcus spp;
  • Eubacterium spp;
  • Entamoeba histolytica;
  • Fusobacterium spp;
  • Peptococcus spp.

Instructions for use Tinidazole describes the following pharmacokinetics of the drug: after ingestion, absolute and rapid absorption from the gastrointestinal tract occurs. The active substance then spreads through the tissues, penetrates the placental barrier. During pregnancy, penetration into milk will occur, which should be considered when breastfeeding. An antiprotozoal drug is excreted through the kidneys, a small part through the intestines.

Indications for the use

The cost of the medicine is low, and the scope of use is extensive, which makes it a popular choice. Indications for the use of Tinidazole consist of a list of diseases that are caused by anaerobic infections, fungi and bacteria:

  • when infected with anaerobic bacteria: abscess, peritonitis, sepsis, gynecological infection, soft tissue, respiratory system, after surgery;
  • pleural empyema;
  • uterine endometritis;
  • transient leukopenia;
  • amoebic dysentery;
  • use tinidazole from nail fungus;
  • intestinal amoebiasis;
  • acute ulcerative gingivitis;
  • Tinidazole is prescribed for giardiasis;
  • trichomoniasis (for men and women);
  • giardiosis;
  • pyosalpinx;
  • pneumonia;
  • thrush;
  • cutaneous leishmaniasis;
  • amoebic abscess to the liver;
  • nonspecific vaginitis;
  • in combination with other medicines is used for peptic ulcer caused by Helicobacter pylori;
  • used as a prophylactic after complications caused by anaerobes.

Tinidazole Dosage

The medicine is dispensed without a prescription, the number of tablets required at one time is written in the instructions. A doctor can prescribe adequate treatment and tell you how to take Tinidazole. The dosage of the drug is prescribed based on the type of disease, stage, for example:

  1. Intestinal amoebiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasis according to the instructions should be taken 2 g (4 tablets) for adults and 70 mg per kilogram for children.
  2. The dosage of Tinidazole for hepatic amoebiasis according to the instructions is 1.5 g in 24 hours at the initial stages. The average course of treatment is 3 days, the doctor can increase the period, if necessary, up to 6 days. For all the time the patient should take no more than 12 g of the drug. According to the instructions, the dosage for children is 60 g per kg of body weight. For children, the course should be no longer than 5 days.
  3. According to the instructions for the treatment of anaerobic infections, adults should take 2 g at a time, then the dosage is reduced by half. The duration of the course is 6 days. With these pathologies for children, the dosage is not established.
  4. For the prevention of postoperative infections according to the instructions, adult patients are given 2 g once 24 hours before surgery. For children, the dosage is not established.

Tinidazole contraindications

Medications antibiotics have a number of contraindications due to the specific effects on the body. Antimicrobial agents can not be combined with alcohol or without the approval of a doctor to extend the course of treatment. The following contraindications to the use of tinidazole:

  1. When diagnosing a patient hypersensitivity to the drug, additional components or derivatives of 5-nitromidazole.
  2. According to the instructions, medication is prohibited for patients with neurological diseases;
  3. You can not combine tinidazole and alcohol. You can drink alcohol, 3 days after the course of therapy. If this rule is not observed, the patient may manifest: hot flashes, abdominal pain, palpitations, vomiting.
  4. You should not prescribe a medicine if there are changes in the blood picture at the moment or earlier.
  5. According to the instructions, the drug is prohibited in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  6. It is contraindicated to treat pathologies with this medicine during breastfeeding.
  7. If ataxia, dizziness, or peripheral neuropathy occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor and stop taking the medication.

Side effects of Tinidazole

The medicine belongs to the group of antibiotics, therefore, it can cause negative effects. As a rule, the side effects of Tinidazole are associated with a violation of the rules of admission or individual characteristics of the body. If the symptom described below occurs, you must immediately stop drinking the tablets and consult your doctor. Tinidazole – the instruction describes the following possible side effects:

  1. From the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, glossitis, coated tongue, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, stomatitis, anorexia.
  2. Nervous system: peripheral neuropathy (muscle atrophy, decreased sensitivity), ataxia, headache, dizziness. Rarely there is a metallic taste in the mouth, cramps, sharp redness of the skin.
  3. From the subcutaneous tissue, skin: hypersensitivity (sometimes with severe course), rash, urticaria, angioedema, which causes respiratory failure, skin itching.
  4. Blood and lymph – a decrease in the number of white blood cells.
  5. Urinary tract, kidney – mycosis of the urinary tract, dark staining of urine.
  6. General weakness, fatigue, fever, dry mucous membrane.

Tinidazole Price

The drug has a strong effect in the above diseases and at the same time has a low cost. The price of Tinidazole for 30 tablets (300 mg) must be paid from $ 34 to $ 45. It is recommended to treat the disease with this medication for no more than 7 days, so the total cost of the course will not exceed $ 34. When comparing with other antibacterial agents, it is noticeable that the price of the medicine is significantly lower than the analogues.