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In our online pharmacy you can buy antibiotics as a wide spectrum of action, and aimed at suppressing bacteria in a particular disease. It should be noted that broad-spectrum antibiotics can relieve the symptoms of the disease and slow down the development of bacteria, and specific antibiotics not only inhibit growth, but also kill pathogens. For example, Amoxil is often used for bronchitis or acute respiratory infections, and Zithromax (Azithromycin) for pneumonia.

Flagyl (Metronidazole) is used both in postoperative therapy and in diseases of the kidneys and urogenital sphere. Dosage regimens for different antibiotics are also different. For example, Erythromycin is drunk for 7 days, 4 tablets per day, and Azithromycin – 3 days, 1 capsule per day.

Before you buy an antibiotic, pay attention to the instructions: with a decrease in the course of taking the antibiotic, there is a risk of “leaving” part of the bacteria, and the remaining ones will develop resistance to it. With repeated illness, this antibiotic will no longer help. In addition, if you have the flu or other acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), the antibiotic will only prevent the development of bacterial complications, but it will not cure the underlying disease. Antibiotics act only on bacteria and usually have no effect on viruses, therefore they are useless in the treatment of diseases caused by viruses (influenza, hepatitis A, B, C, chickenpox, herpes, rubella, measles). However, a number of antibiotics, primarily tetracyclines, also act on large viruses.

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The use of antibiotics to treat children often causes anxiety in the baby’s parents.

Until now, many mothers and fathers, and especially grandparents, are confident that if antibiotics are used for colds or in other cases, then the baby’s fragile growing body can be harmed.

This anxiety is understandable and understandable, but it has long been proven that modern antibiotics are not dangerous for children. They fight diseases with virtually no negative consequences for the body.

Doctors prescribe courses of such drugs when it is very necessary. The main condition is the strictest compliance with all the doctor’s prescriptions, antibiotic regimens and their dosage.

Modern antibacterial agents for children often have a pleasant taste and smell, which makes it easier for parents to take the medication.

broad spectrum antibiotics

Currently, pharmacological companies have developed a large list of broad-spectrum antibiotics, that is, they fight simultaneously with several types of bacteria and various diseases.

To date, the list of antibiotics used in the treatment of various diseases is very wide. You can see this in the catalog of our “Online Pharmacy”, we have a considerable list of antibacterial agents for colds and other inflammations at low prices.

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